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The Bolt Ultra battery

The World’s First Green Battery Technology

  • Low cost (over 50% less than lithium batteries)

  • 6 to 15+ year Battery Life, Fast Charging, Low Internal Resistance

  • Capable of 90% Depth of Discharge, No Memory Effect

  • Maintenance Free, Non-Corrosive, Non-Explosive, Non-Hazardous

  • Normal Operations in Extreme Temperatures: - 40°F to +158°F

  • Sustainable, Recyclable & Refurbishable after use

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The Revolution (in development)

The Most Affordable, All-In-One Solar Inverter Storage System

  • A new range of pure-sinewave inverter and battery bank system that is super-efficient and designed specifically to be easy to install and use

  • From 6kW all the way up to 100kW, providing both 120VAC and 240VAC outputs

  • Integral charge controller and grid-tie capability

  • Only inverter on the market that has genset connectivity and can be fully configured and monitored remotely

  • First modular system designed for a sustainable life

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The Frontier ESS

The World’s First Non-Hazardous Energy Storage System

  • A self-contained, state-of-the-art, energy storage system (ESS) that boasts long-life with lead silicate battery storage within a strong, durable, weather-resistant container

  • Available up to 1.04 MWh per container

  • No environmental control needed

  • Normal operation of the batteries at temperatures up to +158°F

  • All batteries can be refurbished to over 90% of the original battery capacity for 50% of the original cost

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