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The Silicone Battery

The World’s First Green Battery Technology

  • Low cost (over 50% less than lithium batteries)

  • 6 to 15+ year Battery Life, Fast Charging, Low Internal Resistance

  • Capable of 90% Depth of Discharge, No Memory Effect

  • Maintenance Free, Non-Corrosive, Non-Explosive, Non-Hazardous

  • Normal Operations in Extreme Temperatures: - 40°F to +158°F

  • Sustainable, Recyclable & Refurbishable after use

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The Revolution

The Most Affordable, All-In-One Solar Inverter Storage System

  • A new range of pure-sinewave inverter and battery bank system that is super-efficient and designed specifically to be easy to install and use

  • From 6kW all the way up to 100kW, providing both 120VAC and 240VAC outputs

  • Integral charge controller and grid-tie capability

  • Only inverter on the market that has genset connectivity and can be fully configured and monitored remotely

  • First modular system designed for a sustainable life

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The Frontier ESS

The World’s First Non-Hazardous Energy Storage System

  • A self-contained, state-of-the-art, energy storage system (ESS) that boasts long-life with lead silicate battery storage within a strong, durable, weather-resistant container

  • Available up to 1.04 MWh per container

  • No environmental control needed

  • Normal operation of the batteries at temperatures up to +158°F

  • All batteries can be refurbished to over 90% of the original battery capacity for 50% of the original cost

The Battery FOXX

The World’s Most Advanced Battery Restoration System

The Battery FOXX helps to combat climate change by extending the life of old and used lead acid batteries

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Our Mission

To Be a Catalyst for Energy Efficiency Worldwide